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The C++ Wiki is dedicated to helping you learn how to make games using C++.

You don't need any experience in programming or making games, we'll teach you everything we know.1

Why Use C++?

There are many reasons why to choose C++ over other languages.

Widely Used

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages around. It is certainly the most popular programming language used to make games. If you get a job programming games, there's an almost certain possibility that the game company you will work make their games using C++.

Because C++ is so widely used, there are many game programming libraries and game engines available, many of which are open source and/or completely free to use by the hobbyist. These libraries and engines make it much easier to reach your goal.

It's Fast

C++ is one of the fastest programming languages out there. Because it's so fast, you can squeeze more power out of a computer for better special effects, realistic physics, and smart AI. The power of C++ is one reason that it's an industry standard.

Using Code::Blocks

There are many environments you can use to develop in C++, but most of us around here use Code::Blocks, as it's free and works on many different platforms, so anyone can join. You can download it from the Code::Blocks website.

Getting a Compiler

If you are running Windows, you'll need to go get a compiler, like MinGW.
Otherwise, on systems like Linux and Mac, you already have a compiler called GCC.


When you feel you know how to use Code::Blocks, you should take a look at the C++ tutorials page.

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